Customised templates

Customised Microsoft Office Templates

Everybody wants to create documents that look great and reflect their business branding. The thing is, if you’re starting from the wrong base, formatting documents can become very time consuming and quickly leave you feeling frustrated.

We can help! At Ditto by Design, we build Microsoft Office templates that are customised to your specific needs.

And the great news is you don’t need to be a Microsoft Office whiz or spend hours to have great looking documents. That’s because each customised template is designed to:

>> Be functional and easy to use;
>> Achieve a consistent output, style and feel;
>> Reinforce your branding; and
>> Enable greater productivity.

In a nutshell, we help you to be consistent, save time, look greatditto!

Our process is fourfold. Actually, it’s threefold; the fourth takes care of itself. Here’s how …

be consistent … templates incorporate tools which help you easily create documents that are consistent in layout and design, each and every time.

save time … lengthy formatting and other processes are streamlined to one or two steps, increasing productivity and saving you time.

look great … templates are customised to your requirements and incorporate your branding, enabling you to look your best with each document you create.

ditto … with a Ditto by Design customised template, you’ll get great results, effortlessly, each and every time, day in and day out, week after week, year after year. Ditto!


Word templates incorporate customised layouts and styles, including bullets and numbering. Templates are formatted to reflect your branding and include functional document navigation (via content controls / fields). Regularly used elements (such as cover pages, text boxes, tables of contents) are set as building blocks, making it easy for you to add these components to your documents.

Example templates include letters, reports, proposals, tenders, submissions, and internal documents such as memos.


Excel templates are built with as many automated functions as possible, eliminating time consuming calculations. Templates are formatted to reflect your branding, particularly important where spreadsheets are sent to third parties.

Example templates include automated invoices and quotations.


PowerPoint templates include slide layouts and master text styles, customised to suit your branding. Regularly used slides (which may include tables, charts, flowcharts, etc) are set so they can be readily utilised within your presentation as and when needed.

Example templates include business presentations, customer / product presentations, animated graphs and process diagrams, and training slides.

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